roof replacement

Nothing lasts forever – not even the most solid and professionally maintained roof. At some point in the life of a building or home, the roof will be beyond repair meaning you will need roof replacement. Most roofs come with a life expectancy of about 20 years and, while that life expectancy can be extended with regular maintenance, eventually the roof will need to be replaced.

Here are some signs that it’s time for Roof Replacement:

  • Regular Leaking
  • Discoloration On The Ceiling
  • Major Overhaul or Expansion of Related Building Systems
  • Area Failures
  • Warranty Is Up

Hire Stratus Roofing for Your Next Roof Replacement

The specialists at Stratus Roofing Company inspect, evaluate, and assess your existing roof system, allowing us to determine if a complete roof replacement is necessary. Depending on size and other factors, a complete roof replacement, or tear-off, can be an expensive option for your commercial roof. Let Stratus recommend the appropriate and most cost-effective solution for your commercial roof.

When a roof system is beyond repair or restoration, a commercial roof will require a replacement. Our team specializes in the replacement of commercial roof systems. We are knowledgeable in most major manufacturer’s installation guidelines and specifications – in fact we are a certified Firestone Master Contractor. Not only does this mean your roof will be expertly installed, this also means your new roof system will be protected by a Manufacturer’s Warranty, as well as with Stratus’ workmanship warranty.

Does Your Roof Need to Be Replaced?

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