We appreciate the valuable asset that our roofs can be to our home. When you have a sound and sturdy roof over your head, you know that you’ll be protected from the elements and enjoy lower heating and cooling bills each month. When your in the market for a New Roof or Roof Repair, it’s important to utilize the services of trusted roofing contractors who are experienced in working on a wide variety of buildings, offer an extensive amount of roofing materials to their customers, and back up their work with reliable warranties. Stratus Roofing assures homeowners will get these benefits and more by always delivering The Stratus Difference with every roof we install.

Some things that help make Stratus the go-to roofing company in Orlando, FL and helps sets us apart from our competitors are:

  • We offer top quality materials that help you save money on your heating and cooling bills and contribute to making your home more energy efficient.
  • Highest quality materials chosen from manufacturers who stand behind their products
  • We use Energy Star rated products. Energy efficiency and quality are top priorities when we work on a person’s building.
  • We support local businesses by purchasing the majority of our supplies and lumber from local companies.

When you want to have your old, outdated, and insufficient roofing removed and replaced you can count on us at Stratus to get these tasks taken care of promptly.

Stratus Roofing offers a variety of popular roofing types for you to choose from choices like Metal, Shingles, Energy Star, and Flat Roof Solutions. However, if you are unsure what material to invest in, we can provide in-depth details about each one and guide customers to the best choice for their individual roofing needs. You can be sure that you’re getting roofing materials that will prove to be a wise investment in the years to come.

Along with roofing single-family homes, we’re also experienced in working on apartments, condominiums, multi-level houses, and more. No building is too big or too complex for us to handle; Stratus Roofing is skilled in roofing flat top buildings, as well as those that have traditional style rooftops.

Additional to offering customers years of experience and a wide assortment of materials for their roofs, we also back up all of our labor with a Full 10 Year Warranty when you have your roof built by us and enroll in our Preventive Maintenance Program! While most of our competitors only offer a 5-year warranty, we at Stratus understand how important it is that customers feel secure and confident in their rooftops. Clients love knowing they can get immediate help if something goes amiss with their roofs at some point during the next 10 years.

Sloped Roofing Systems

Shingle Roofing System is the most popular type of roofing for residential homes. On average, four out of every five homes are roofed with shingles. They are manufactured in the widest variety of colors, shapes and textures to meet virtually any architectural design effectively and affordably. Benefits of Shingle Roofing System Low Maintenance Fire and Wind Resistant Once installed, a Shingle Roofing System requires virtually no regularly scheduled maintenance as is required with other roofing systems. Stratus always recommends minimal upkeep - however, shingles are easily repaired if damaged. Individual shingles can be replaced if need be without having to replace the entire field of the roof. Some types of shingles are designed to be fire and wind resistant. Depending on the composition, a Shingle Roof System is manufactured to meet certain flammability standards and has been tested under extreme wind conditions. Our team partners with leading manufacturers in the industry to deliver an excellent quality roof made with the very best materials. Contact one of our friendly roofing experts to learn more about how you can get your Shingle Roof System installed.
Tile Roofing Systems are one of the oldest roofing styles around today. Tiles are made up of either clay, concrete or a combination of both. They can withstand any climate, including our merciless summer heat, without compromise. Why Tile Roofing System? Aesthetics, Durability, Environmentally Friendly, Cost Effective Tile Roofing Systems are incredibly popular largely because of their distinctive shapes and colors. Clay tiles have an earthy color tone that gives a roof a natural “dwelling” style. Concrete tiles can be customized to many colors, shapes and sizes to mimic or simulate historical and contemporary architectural styles. The durability of roofing tiles makes them a prime roofing alternative for centuries. Both clay and concrete tiles are extremely durable, lasting anywhere from 50 to 100 years given building design and installation. They are waterproof and do not succumb to the elements such as fire, wind or even pest damage. A Tile Roofing System consists of tiles made from naturally reoccurring materials. No chemical preservatives are used in manufacturing and they are 100% recyclable to make new tiles. There isn’t a better way to be kind to the environment when choosing a roofing system. In addition to all of the above, a Tile Roofing System creates great value upon installation. Not only is it a great investment considering longevity and durability against the elements, it also helps maintain resale and property values over periods of time. Stratus Roofing partners with leading manufacturers in the industry to deliver an excellent quality roof made with the very best materials.
The premier roof for a commercial building, metal roofs furnish building designers and owners with a world of choices; from system design to type of metal to a rainbow of color options. Metal roofing boasts excellent strength, durability, and fire resistance. Metal roofing has an excellent track record that is literally centuries old, and is in service on approximately 50% of all low-rise commercial, industrial and institutional buildings erected over the past several years. Characteristics of Metal Roofing Systems - Element-Resistant - Energy Saving - No Difference in Noise - Trouble-Free Installation. It is difficult to find a roof system that can withstand every possible elemental force of nature. Metal Roofing Systems are fireproof. They will not burn nor facilitate combustible elements. They’ve also been shown to be invaluable assets in hurricane conditions, withstanding excessive rainfall and extreme wind speeds. Metal naturally reflects sunlight. Metal Roofing Systems benefit from this natural process by retaining little heat from direct sunlight, keeping the roof and everything beneath it cooler for longer. This allows for less consumption of energy to run air conditioning units and fans, saving you money every month. A common misconception about Metal Roofing Systems is the noise level. Traditionally, Metal Roofs are thought to be amplifiers during storms and heavy rain. Metal Roofing Systems actually maintain similar noise levels of shingle and clay/concrete tile roofs. One celebrated advantage of Metal Roofing Systems among roofing companies is trouble-free installation. Not only are Metal Roofing Systems simple to install, they can be secured directly over the existing roof, avoiding troublesome mess and saving a great deal of money in removal expenses.
Slate Roofing Systems are time-tested and known for consistent performance. Slate Roofing tiles are manufactured from natural slate produced in the earth. Its density and tough exterior make for remarkable seal and leak protection. While pure slate is the optimal choice, the roofing industry today uses carefully engineered synthetic slate to achieve the same consistent performance at a more affordable price. Benefits of Slate Roofing System Fireproof and Wind-Resistant No Cleaning Required Long-term Reliability A Synthetic Roof that Looks so Genuine Only Your Roofer will Know It's Not From Nature... We understand that endurance and low life cycle cost are the keys to sustainable design. Roofs needing frequent maintenance and replacement after only 15-20 years consume valuable energy and resources from manufacturing through removal and disposal, and they increase landfill problems. Synthetic Slate Roofing Systems are virtually maintenance-free and backed by a 50-year warranty from our manufacturer. You benefit from the beauty of quarried slate, at a fraction of the cost.
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Our Guarantee

The Stratus Difference ensures homeowners get the peace of mind knowing their roofs are well constructed or repaired. Having the security that you can get help even if you need a single shingle replaced.

Roofs are vital to a building’s integrity and longevity. Resident and business owners who want to enjoy their rooftops without fear of being exposed to the elements or high utility bills can get the peace of mind they want when they rely on Stratus Roofing.