What’s New in Roofing

Speaking of Residential Roofing Trends — What’s New in Roofing

As one of Central Florida’s premier roofers, we like to keep up on the latest industry trends. From advancements in roofing technology to new, innovative designs, we get really excited to watch our industry evolve. Check out some trends we’ve noticed emerging in 2020.

Dynamic Colors
New, exciting colors have appeared on the market, giving homeowners even more ways to customize their home to fit their unique aesthetic and lifestyle. Whether you’re into eye-catching pops of color–like greens or blues–or more neutral tones that reflect nature–like beige, off-white, and taupe–there are more options than ever.

Branching out from the “normal” dark and dull roofing materials, lighter-colored shingles and tiles have led to the trend of cool roofs. These roofs use light materials and reflective paint to reflect UV rays from your home (rather than absorb them as black and brown shingles and tiles do.) These cool roofs can help lower your electricity bill and keep your home insulated in cooler months.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are not just for sheds, barns, and commercial buildings anymore! Not only do they have a unique and eye-catching aesthetic, but they also come with many benefits including high resistance to weather, durability, low-maintenance, and heat-reflecting properties (that can help you save on your energy bill!) While these roofs are a bit more expensive to install than a typical shingle roof, they last almost twice as long. They’re also fairly eco-friendly, as most of the aluminum and steel materials are recycled and can be recycled again at the end of their lifetime. Metal roofs also come in many different colors and patterns to fit the style of the home and homeowner.

Flat Roofs

Modern and minimalistic, flat roofs are gaining popularity in new construction homes for their low maintenance properties and limitless potential for added living space. Imagine a beautiful outdoor living & entertaining space or a lush rooftop garden.

Outdoor patio | pinterst.com

Rooftop garden | liveroof.com

They also create more space inside the home by eliminating odd-angled ceilings and protruding corners. Flat roofs are also typically cheaper than sloped ones because they use fewer materials and they are safer to access than sloped roofs. They are also more resistant to high winds and have special water-proofing systems– all very important things to consider living in Florida.

Solar Power
Before you imaging those big, bulky solar panels in your head, we’re here to tell you that solar roofing technology has significantly improved over the past few years. The residential solar power of the future is actually a part of your roof with the development of solar shingles and integrated panels.

Integrated solar panels from GAF Energy

These new and improved panels provide the same sun-capturing, electricity-bill-reducing benefits you know, now with an added curb appeal you’ll love! Put that Florida sun to work while you watch your property value go up, your energy bills go down, and even enjoy a tax incentive or two.

To stay up to date and explore the latest roofing trends contact an experienced, licensed roofing company like Stratus Roofing. We are proud to be your trusted residential roofing and commercial roofing partner since 2004. We have offices in the Orlando, Florida area, Dallas, Texas and Kansas City, Missouri to serve you. Find out how we can help you with your residential roofing and commercial roofing needs by contacting us today: www.stratusroofing.com

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